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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Your next NEW TV show is...

I just went to a session about how to develop and pitch TV ideas for girl-friendly programming. We talked about what TV characters we admired and why. We also talked about what we don’t like about some female characters. Ask yourself: are you represented in TV shows that are supposed to be about YOUR LIVES?

We got the chance to look at the TV development slate for 2005 (summaries of the new shows networks plan to air). THEN we got to write our own pitch for a TV show for girls.

Some things we thought about as we developed our pitches were:
1) what’s a little known fact about your character?
2) One great way to ensure you have a good grip on your character is to imagine her in a variety of everyday situations (like missing the bus or ordering lunch) and think about how she would react in that situation.
3) What is the setting for your show?
4) What type of show is it? (For example, is it a drama or a sitcom?)
5) What other main characters are in the show?
6) What is the twist of the show? (For example, what makes it different from what’s already on TV?)

We also talked about what’s in a pitch—a logline, which is a summary in just once sentence; a more in depth summary that gives a good idea of the story; summaries of all the characters; and five ideas for episodes.



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