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Thursday, April 14, 2005

TBIO 2005 Best Practices

Our objective in meeting with the Hollywood Executives was to create a list of "best practices" - ideas that decision makers in Hollywood need to implement so that there are more positive portrayals of women and girls AND ideas on what girls and their families can do so that we (the audience) can see more postiive movies.

here's what our group came up with:

Hollywood Executives need to...
Lose the stereotypes - have more complex girl characters (for example, popular girls aren't always mean, smart girls aren't always "nerds").

Have girls play roles their own age!

Cast diversity...
of personalities, ethinicities, religions, etc.

Show girls wearing normal (and more!) clothes!

Show good and bad friendships and relationships

Need to have more realistic families - family members shoud respect each other.

Characters need to change over time.

Girls and families need to...

Write letters to studios about what you like and don't like.

Use your consumer power!

Dont' watch tv and movies if you don't support their messages!

Think and talk with friends about your oppinions of TV and movies.


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