Turn Beauty Inside Out 2005

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Magic Mirrors homemade by ME!

When I was asked to decorate a mirror any way I wanted (writing or painting on a wood block with a mirror in the middle), I had no clue what to think. The next thing I knew, the room went from a bunch of quiet girls to girls cracking up! I got about 20 ideas in my head. Some people were thinking of writing words around their mirrors about what they like about themselves.

As I was looking at people’s mirrors, I felt thought, “You know, this is the first time I don’t feel any pressure from the people around me”—and I think that’s what they wanted us to do, to feel no pressure and to do what we feel like doing. When I was done I could see myself in my mirror, and I think everyone else could, too.
Haley, 11

I liked painting my magic mirror. One thing I liked about it was that you were allowed to do anything that makes you happy, and it really didn’t matter how you decorated your mirror, because nobody was allowed to judge them.

I really thought that it was a good way to get the idea across to girls that how you look doesn’t matter. When I get sad about myself, I’ll look in my magic mirror and know that my body is OK, that this is the way I was made, and that I need to be happy!
Natalie C., 9


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